son dinh photographer in hanoi

Moment is the king

The little moment tell a great story

son dinh photographer in hanoi

Love is the key

Love is the only thing I put into the photos

son dinh photographer in hanoi

Adaptation is the way

I will shoot anywhere with you

     Look at how the flowers of the field grow, they do not work hard, nor do they pull the thread, but the kings do not wear as well as one of these flowers. So please don’t worry about what tomorrow “wears.” Look at everything around you so beautifully in the way available, We just need to approach and enjoy it freely, right then, I will record every things around you with heart to yield and love. Please all the best for you.

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       I know have a few seconds to draw your attention. I want to learn more about you. This is the only way I know how. If you have time check out our Galery, If you like what you see, please contact us and I can talk further.                                                                      Son Dinh


son dinh photographer in hanoi

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